Lifetime Achievement Award

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Alex Schillings

Andrea Franceschelli

Andrea Loss

Antonella Bona

Armando Saldarini

Arturo Andreoli

Bert Aalders

Bert Appermont

Daniele Carnevali

Dariusz Krajewski

David Bonvin

Denis Salvini

Douglas Bostock

Franco Cesarini

Frank Ticheli

Fulvio Creux

Gaetano Pisano

Giorgio Zanolini

Gustav Holst

Jan de Haan

Jo Conjaerts

Johan A. De Meij

Joop Boerstoel

José Alcacer Dura

Jose Rafael Pascual Vilaplana


Louis Martinus

Lowell Eugene Graham

Luciano Feliciani

Marco Pierobon

Marco Somadossi

Marco Tamanini

Mark Lengyel

Matteo Firmi

Michael Michalopulos

Natalino Ricciardo

Paolo Mazza

Patrick Montessuit

Rafael Garrigos

Rafi Krauz

Roberto Villata

Rogelio Arturo Castro GarcÌa

Satoshi Yagisawa

Silvio Maggioni

Stefano Gatta

Thomas Doss

Thomas Ludescher

Tim Reynish

Wesley Broadnax

Yoshiyuki Ogura

이기왕 Re Lee

Wind Orchestra



Art.1) It has been held by Bam International Sàrl, GMBC “Genève Music Band Contest” organisation, a lifetime achievement award dedicated to musicians and non-musicians, within the wind instruments’ orchestras field, who have been distinguished throughout their career for their direct and indirect support to this field.

Art.2) The award- a sculpture- will be given to the winner at a Gala evening during every GMBC.

Art. 3) During every GMBC, the Organisation may decide to assign one or more lifetime achievement awards.

Art. 4) People can choose and nominate whoever they would like to receive the award by sending an e-mail to in which they indicate the name of the nominee. This has to be done  before 31st July 2021. Successively, before the GMBC starts, the Organisation, after seeing all the nominees, will reveal the winner/s of the Award, which will be also posted on

Art.5) The Lifetime Achievement Award will not provide any economic compensation.

Art.6) The winner of the Lifetime Achievement will receive the award during the opening evening gala of the GMBC.

Art.7) The Organisation will be paying the travelling and accommodation expenses of the winner of the award during his/her stay at the GMBC.

Art.8) The Lifetime Achievement Award winner, as he’d like, will have the opportunity to present to the Organisation either a press conference or the composition of a music piece ,that will be performed during GMBC the following year, or to direct the gala concert or whatever the winner will come up with.

Art.9) The winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, will be required to accept – in a written form and by e-mail – the recognition to the Organisation.

Art.10) The winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award, by accepting it, will accept to release the right to use the winner image for promotional purpose and for posting on the website of the Organisation pictures and videos before and after the delivery of the award

Genève, 01.10.2019

Daniele Maggiore

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