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An ancient Brazilian proverb says that “two heads are better than one”, that’s why for the Genève Music Band Contest – GMBC we decided to involve not only a couple of more people, but 22 international professionals belonging to the band world in order to form the Artistic Committee. For the first time, a music competition constitutes an Artistic Committee, which will collaborate with the GMBC for two years to define new and innovative ideas for the competition and its evolution over the years. The Artistic Committee that we have chosen for the first edition of GMBC 2021 is:

M° Giancarlo Aquilanti from the United States, M° Joop Boerstoel from Holland, M° Antonella Bona from Italy, M° James Curnow from the United States, M° Andrea Franceschelli from Italy, M° Rafael Garrigos Garcia from Spain, M° Andrea Gasperin from Italy, M° Felix Hauswirth from Switzerland, M° Vincent Kennedy from Ireland, M° Thomas Ludescher from Austria, M° Sara Maganzini from Italy, M° Hardy Mertens from Holland, M° Michael Michalopoulos from Greece, M° Renata Oliveira from Portugal, M° Bruce Pearson from the United States, M° Janis Purins from Latvia, M° Marco Putz from Luxembourg, M° Armando Saldarini from Italy, M° Denis Salvini from Italy, M° Otto M. Schwarz from Austria, M° Marco Tamanini from Italy, M° Franck Ticheli from the United States.

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